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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer at a Glance

A lot happened this summer.
1. Maeli was born.

 2. Benson learned to ride his bike!!!!  Now we can't get him off of it!
 3. Packer & Andie got in a bike-buggy wreck resulting in Packer going to the ER and getting several x-rays, and tests and then coming home with 5 staples in his head, scratches covering his back, a scraped up elbow, and a green teddy bear.

 Andie on the other hand got some minor scrapes and bruises on her head and face, and a hammered finger.  I think her older brother took the brunt of the crash for her.  What a hero!

4. What's a good summer with a park expedition or two.  Here we are at a park where a big rock is the funnest toy there.  The 3 kids spent probably 30 min. of just climbing and jumping off to daddy. 

 5.  The Creamery for the  Lloyd Reunion Vacation
 where Packer got eaten by mosquitos causing a black eye look.  Good thing we had family pictures so we could remember this look forever!

We did lots of exploring and relaxing up at Bear Lake (we stayed at a family cabin called the Creamery).  Isn't that what a vacation should be?
 6.  Fishing!  Ben, Clint, & Daniel found the golden spot for fishing and would catch too many fish too fast.  And they loved it!
7.  Parades!  We love the Santaquin Parade because it's short and sweet, and they throw lots of treats!
 8.  The Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork!


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